The Forest Practices Authority


FPA publications

FPA publications can be accessed through the documents list in the tabs on the left. The category 'All FPA publications' lists all publications produced by the FPA, including the key publications itemised below, but excluding FPA staff publications.

FPA key publications

FPA key publications include:

Annual reports

State of the forests reports

Forest Practices News

Forest Practices Code 2020

FPA and DPIPWE Agreed Procedures reports

Staff publications

A list of publications that include a current or past member of the Forest Practices Authority (Board) as an author or whose production was supported by the FPA is through the staff publications list in the tabs on the left.

Planning tools

Planning tools can be accessed through the planning assistance page.

Note: the Forest Management Act 2013 changed the land classification terminology from 'State forest' to 'Permanent Timber Production Zone Land'. Publications on this website from December 2013 onwards will refer to PTPZL instead of State forest.

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