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The Tasmanian Forest Practices Code was the first in Australia and is central to the forest practices system. It is the only forest code in Australia and one of a very few world-wide to apply equally to public and private land. The code is legally enforceable under the Forest Practices Act 1985 . The code is applied in accordance with a guiding policy that explains the contribution to be made by the code towards sustainable forest management in Tasmania. The guidelines and standards in the Forest Practices Code cover:

  • planning
  • building access into the forest (roads, bridges, quarries etc.)
  • harvesting of timber
  • conservation of natural and cultural values (soil and water, geomorphology, visual landscape, botany, zoology and cultural heritage)
  • establishing and maintaining forests.

The FPA developed the code through extensive consultation and public comment. It is reviewed periodically, incorporating suggestions from scientists, government, the forestry industry and the public.

Amendment of Forest Practices Code effective as of 1 July 2015

The most recent amendment took place in 2015 and was carried out in accordance with the provisions of s.32 and s.33 of the Forest Practices Act 1985.  The information below documents the public parts of this process.

1) Public notice placed in regional newspapers

A notice was placed on the FPA's website on 11 March 2015 as follows, with links to a document detailing the proposed amendment and the Forest Practices Code. A similar notice was also placed in the three main Tasmanian regional newspapers on Saturday 14 March 2015, noting that a document with the amendments was also available from the FPA's office in Hobart (see below).

Notification of intention to amend the Forest Practices Code

Pursuant to section 32 of the Forest Practices Act 1985 the Forest Practices Authority (FPA) intends to amend the Forest Practices Code as follows:

  1. by the addition of a guiding policy for the application of the Code
  2. by updating various references in the Code to organisations, documents and terminology.

The amendments to the Code proposed to be made by the FPA are set forth in a document kept at the office of the FPA (below) and may be inspected by any person without payment of a fee.  The document is also available here. The Forest Practices Code can be downloaded here.

The FPA welcomes comments from interested parties on the proposed amendments.  Any comments should be provided in writing by Friday 15 May 2015.

Section 33 of the Act provides that any person who wishes to object to the amendment of the Code which the FPA intends to make may lodge with the FPA an objection in writing.  Any objection must be lodged by Friday 15 May 2015.
Comments or objections should be forwarded in writing to the following at the office of the FPA at 30 Patrick Street, Hobart, 7000 or to

Professor Gordon Duff
Chair, Forest Practices Authority

2) Collation of comments and publication of FPA response

The FPA summarised the eight submissions received and published a response document on the FPA website on 12 June 2015, as well as making copies available to all respondents. It was noted:

The FPA has received eight submissions and carefully considered all of the objections and comments. A summary of the main issues raised in the submissions and a response is provided here.

Decision of the FPA

The FPA notes the overwhelming support for the proposed amendments by the bodies prescribed in s 32(1) of the Act.  The FPA also acknowledges and expresses its appreciation for the detailed and constructive comments and suggestions that were submitted by a number of bodies.  Some of the suggestions will be further considered as part of the ongoing review and continuing improvement of the forest practices system.

After careful consideration of the submissions received on the proposed amendment of the Forest Practices Code the board of the FPA has resolved to amend the Code as specified here, effective upon 1 July 2015, which is a date to be specified in a notice published in the Gazette in accordance with s 33(3) and (4) of the Forest Practices Act.

Professor Gordon Duff
Chair, Forest Practices Authority
12 June 2015

3) FPA publishes a notice of amendment of Forest Practices Code in Tasmanian Government gazette and makes amended version available for download from the FPA website.

A notice advertising the amendment was published in the Tasmanian Government Gazette on 17 June 2015. The amended Forest Practices Code was made available for download from the FPA's website as of 1 July 2015.

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