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Private forest landowners are sometimes confused about what options they have for the management of their forests or threatened non-forest native vegetation. In order to make management decisions easier for private landowners, the FPA has gathered together the information relevant to vegetation management here. The PFT website is also a useful resource.

Once you have established that you require a forest practices plan, it is advisable to contract a Forest Practices Officer to prepare it for you. The legislation, policies and regulations supporting the forest practices system are complex. By employing an FPO you will ensure that your plan is legally compliant. FPOs can be contacted through the consulting FPO register.

Clearing carried out in accordance with the Tasmania Fire Service's Guidelines for clearing vegetation to provide a reasonable buffer for existing infrastructure or for public safety does not require a forest practices plan, but landowners should check with the Forest Practices Regulations and with their local council regarding any restrictions under local planning schemes.

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