The Forest Practices Authority

Forest Practices Officers

FPOs are appointed by the FPA under section 38 of the Forest Practices Act 1985, and authorised by warrant under s.39 of the Act, which is signed by the chairperson of the FPA.  There are two categories of FPO appointments:

  • Forest Practices Officer (Inspecting)
  • Forest Practices Officer (Planning).

FPOs(Planning) are delegated certain powers under s.43 the Forest Practices Act 1985.  These powers include certifying forest practices plans and plan variations.

Register of consulting FPOs

Consultancy services may include:

  • advice on the forest practices system
  • preparation of forest practices plans
  • certification of forest practices plans
  • supervision of forest practices
  • preparation and lodgment of compliance reports
  • variation to an existing forest practices plan.

Access the register consulting FPOs here.

Please contact the Forest Practices Officer for further details.

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