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Procedure for identification of biodiversity values for biodiversity evaluations

The procedure for identifying biodiversity values is detailed in the current biodiversity evaluation sheet and in the biodiversity evaluation flow diagram.

How to obtain data from the BVD

  1. Input the relevant grid reference (GDA) into the database.
  2. Known locality data for threatened flora species is displayed spatially and is available for download.
  3. Range boundaries are available to enable the planner to determine if the FPP area falls within the core, known and/or potential range for fauna species. This information is necessary to obtain appropriate management advice from the Threatened Fauna Adviser program (TFA). For definitions of the different range categories see here.
  4. Habitat models have been developed to assist in the management of some fauna species. Links to these models are available on the BVD web-map.
  5. Habitat descriptions are available for each species to assist in determining if the FPP area possesses suitable habitat.  On- ground assessments to confirm the presence of potential habitat are important.
  6. See here (coming in July 2012) for information on other species of high conservation significance which may occur in the area and suggested management actions, and to identify special management zones for some fauna.

What next?

Use the Threatened Fauna Adviser program to obtain management recommendations for fauna species known to occur within the proposed operation area, and/or where there is potential habitat within or adjacent to the proposed operation.

Seek advice from the Biodiversity Program for flora if there are known localities of threatened flora species within 2 km of the proposed operation area.

The FPA Biodiversity Program or your conservation planners should be consulted if a site survey to assess the presence of threatened species or their habitat is required and/or if clarification of the recommendations provided by the Threatened Fauna Adviser program is required and/or if assistance with the implementation of recommended actions is required.

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