The Forest Practices Authority

Habitat context assessment tool

This tool enables planners to assess the availability of particular habitat within the landscape surrounding a proposed harvest unit. It calculates the predicted availability of a particular habitat within a user-specified radius from a point locality (e.g. coupe central coordinates). The information delivered by this web-based tool can be used to make decisions on management actions within a particular operation area.

Calculating mature habitat availability

The Forest Practices Authority has developed a map of potential mature habitat availability in Tasmania. The mature habitat availability map can be used when planning mature habitat management at both the landscape-scale and the coupe-scale. At the landscape-scale it may be useful in evaluating the extent and spatial arrangement of mature habitat in a forest block. At the coupe-scale it may be useful to know how much of the area around the coupe and within the coupe is expected to contain mature habitat. Note that the map does not replace the need for on-ground coupe assessments.

The tool provided here determines the area of land within a specified radius that is mapped as high or medium mature habitat availability. Not included in this calculation are areas of non-forest, water bodies and agricultural and urban areas assessed as unlikely to have been covered by eucalypt-dominated vegetation prior to 1750. See the FPA Technical Note "Mature habitat availability map Background Information" for details on the development of the map, calculation of high-medium mature habitat availability and limitations of the map and output.

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