The Forest Practices Authority

The Forest Practices Code

The Forest Practices Code is the main planning tool for planning forest practices in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Forest Practices Code was the first in Australia and is central to the forest practices system. It is the only forest code in Australia and one of a very few world-wide to apply equally to public and private land. The code provides a set of guidelines and standards to ensure that forest practices are conducted in a manner that provides for the long term maintenance of the natural and cultural values of the forest. The guidelines and standards in the Forest Practices Code cover:

  • planning
  • building access into the forest (roads, bridges, quarries etc.)
  • harvesting of timber
  • conservation of natural and cultural values
  • establishing and maintaining forests.

The FPA developed the code through extensive consultation and public comment. It is reviewed periodically, incorporating suggestions from scientists, government, the forestry industry and the public. The code is legally enforceable under theForest Practices Act 1985 for both public and private forests. The code can be purchased from some Service Tasmania outlets or downloaded from the FPA website.

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