The Forest Practices Authority

The following links are to non-FPA publications.

Native Forest Technical Bulletins

These can be ordered through the Sustainable Timber Tasmania web site and include the following bulletins:

1.Eucalypt Seed and Sowing
2.Eucalyptus delegatensis Forests
3.Lowland Dry Eucalypt Forests
4.High Altitude E. dalrympleana and E. pauciflora Forests
5.Silvicultural Systems
6.Regeneration Surveys and Stocking Standards
7.Remedial Treatments
8.Lowland Wet Eucalypt Forests
9.Rainforest Silviculture
11.Silvicultural Use and Effects of Fire
12.Monitoring and Protecting Eucalypt Regeneration
13.Thinning Regrowth Eucalypts

Variable retention

Documents on variable retention, including the variable retention manual, can be found on the Sustainable Timber Tasmania web site.

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