The Forest Practices Authority

The FPA's functions

The FPA aims to foster co-operation amongst all stakeholders in the forest practices system including: government; landowners; the forest industry; and the broader community. The system is based on a co-regulatory approach between the FPA and the forest industry which emphasises planning, training, education and continuing improvement.

The roles and responsibilities of the various parties in delivering the forest practices system are detailed in an administrative paper that has been endorsed by the Forest Practices Advisory Council and the board of the FPA.

The FPA works closely in partnership with other government agencies on matters of overlapping jurisdiction. Formal agreements are in place with the Environment Protection Authority (through a Memorandum of Understanding on matters such as pollution and smoke management) and with the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment on Agreed Procedures for the Management of Threatened Species under the forest practices system.

The FPA's functions in this co-regulatory system are: advising; researching; monitoring; and enforcing.

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