The Forest Practices Authority

The FPA is administered by an independent board with expertise in governance, forestry, natural resource management, conservation and local government. The board includes the Chief Forest Practices Officer, who is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the forest practices system. 

Key stakeholders are represented on the Forest Practices Advisory Council, which advises the FPA on the operation of the forest practices system.

The FPA has a team of 180 Forest Practices Officers, employed throughout the public and private sectors, who prepare, certify and supervise forest practices plans.

The FPA is headed by the Chief Forest Practices Officer and has a staff of around 25 people with a range of expertise including scientists, advisors, compliance officers and administrative staff.

There are two FPA research and advice programs: the Biodiversity Program and the Earth Sciences and Cultural Heritage Program

The Compliance Program assesses the compliance of forest practices with the Forest Practices Act 1985 and investigates alleged breaches of compliance.

The Business Support Program enables the other programs to carry out their functions.

The FPA's structure is illustrated in the organisation chart.


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